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Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to SURF2SURF.com PROCAMS brought to you by Greenroom Surf Media Limited (GSMltd).

Please take time to read our terms and conditions. By subscribing to PROCAMS, you agree to these terms and conditions.

GSMltd reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. Modifying these terms and conditions becomes effective as soon as this page is modified. It is the users responsibility to check this page for modifications.

PROCAMS pages are under continued development. GSMLTD reserves the right to change these pages, it's content, features, cam locations, video availability, video player technology and layout without notice. By subscribing to PROCAMS the user agrees to these conditions.

USER FEES AND PAYMENT -- By subscribing to PROCAMS you agree to pay for all subscription fees and charges incurred. These fees will be automatically be billed to your credit card selected during the signup process. The PROCAMS page will display the expiry date of your subscription along with a renew subscription option. If you wish to cancel you subscription to SURF2SURF PROCAMS, please contact GSMltd by email to: [email protected]

SINGLE USER -- Each PROCAMS membership (subscription) is available to one person only. SURF2SURF PROCAMS employs SUB-TRACKER software to alert to multiple usage violations of single PROCAM accounts. Sharing an account shall result in immediate termination of PROCAMS subscription without notification.

WEB CAMERA LOCATION -- We reserve the right to change location of cameras without notice.

PROCAMS VIDEO / AVAILABILITY -- Dawn Patrol & LIVE Streaming Video feeds are uploaded based on availability of these video feeds. SURF2SURF cams are located at isolated beach communities. Video will be available daily unless affected by poor broadband connection, power outage, telephone line outage or poor local weather conditions.

PROCAMS VIDEO / NO SURF -- During periods of no surf (FLAT) PROCAMS video may not be updated on a daily basis.

PROCAMS VIDEO / REQUIRED PLAYER -- PROCAMS video ustilises the Flash 6 player codec and Windows Media Player (Mac users download Flip4mac). It is the users responsibility to have this software available to view PROCAMS video.

USER PRIVACY -- We respect the privacy of our users - please click here to view our privacy policy or contact us for more information.

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