APP - The Ultimate Tool For NZ Surfers

NEW S2 APP Version 5.0 Out Now on Apple App Store (September 2019)
Save time, save gas, score sick waves.
(S2 APP Android Version 5.0 available soon).

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We have redesigned the S2 App, making it easier than ever to access the surf data you need.
'Your Local' has been added to the home screen and menus, allowing one-tap access to your saved surf spot. 'Your Local' also doubles as the surf spot you will receive notification updates for. The SURF2SURF app provides live surf cams, surf reports, maps and forecasts for NZ surf spots.
With detailed surf reports, 5 day forecasts, live video streaming and multi-angle cam images, the S2 app is the ultimate tool for New Zealand surfers.

All our streaming cams give you the control to rewind and scroll back 30 minutes for streaming video. This is particularly useful when the surf is lully, and it also gives you quick access to the cam multi view angles. If you're quick enough up the beach after a surf, you might see yourself pulling into a deep little barrel.

Built in to S2 App 5.0 are our very popular 5 day S2 Outlook forecast charts (above). These charts are powered directly from our surf reporter admin and are manually adjusted for swell size, swell direction, wind forecast direction and speed. Our reporters rate the surf for 5 days out. These forecasts are updated twice daily (sometimes more). We utilise several computer model forecasts, reference many wind forecasts and compare data to real-time live observations. Use these charts to plan your roadies and score.

The S2 App is powered directly from reporter adjusted data (admin). Swell sizes, direction and period along with winds (morning and afternoon), are all manually tweaked constantly. Our reporter rate the surf and update reports constantly giving you an accurate picture of current and forecasted conditions.

S2 forecasts are manually written with extreme detail. We cover all of NZ's main breaks, we also generate custom pressure/swell forecast charts incorporating data from several sources.