SURF2SURF Premium - Terms And Conditions

Welcome to Premium brought to you by Greenroom Surf Media Limited (GSM).

Please take time to read our terms and conditions. By subscribing to SURF2SURF Premium, you agree to these terms and conditions.

GSM reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Modifying these terms and conditions becomes effective as soon as this page is updated. It is the users responsibility to check this page for modifications.

SURF2SURF Premium pages are under continued development. GSM reserves the right to change these pages, it's content, features, beach cam locations, beach cam views, video availability, video player technology and layout without notice. By subscribing to SURF2SURF Premium the user agrees to these conditions.

USER FEES AND PAYMENT -- By subscribing to SURF2SURF Premium you agree to pay for all subscription fees and charges incurred. These fees will be automatically be billed to your credit card selected during the signup process. The SURF2SURF Premium Account page will display the expiry date of your subscription. If you wish to cancel you subscription to SURF2SURF Premium go to 'My Account' and click cancel subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or 12 month period depending on the subscription purchased and you will be billed on the same date each month/year.

FREE 7 Day Trial- In signing up for SURFSURF Premium ($5.99 per month plan, or $59.95 per year plan) you will receive a free seven day trial automatically. In signing up, you must log in using one of the three methods (Facebook Account, Google Account, Linkedin Account).
You must add your credit card details to the system at that time. You have the option of cancelling the free trial at any time in the first month period of use by going to My Account (S2 Website) and click on ‘cancel subscription’ (see lower page). The billing period will start 7 days from your sign up date. At that time you will be automatically billed for that month ($5.99 per month plan), or year ($59.95 yearly plan).

WEB CAMERA LOCATION -- We reserve the right to change the location of cameras, their view angles and video streaming availability without notice.


BEACH CAM AVAILABILITY -- Live streaming video feeds and still images are uploaded based on availability of these feeds.
Most SURF2SURF beach cams are located in small towns, or isolated beach locations. Many locations (which lack modern infrastructure) are prone to occasional internet network issues and power outages.
At times some cameras will be unavailable (due to factors beyond our control). Please Note: If a camera is down, we're working on it.
By subscribing to SURF2SURF Premium, you accept and agree to these terms and conditions.

STREAMING VIDEO SPEEDS -- Streaming video speeds will vary with each camera location. Due to the nature of phone line, internet network infrastructure in New Zealand, we're limited to what the local connection speeds are on the day (even in 2020).

ACCOUNT SHARING -- Each SURF2SURF Premium membership (subscription) is available to one person only.
SURF2SURF Premium employs new software (summer 2020) to alert us when multiple usage violations occur.
Sharing an account shall result in immediate LOCK OUT of your SURF2SURF Premium subscription. Information will be displayed on the SURF2SURF Premium Account page under status.

We share your personal data with: -- A third party, subject to a reasonable obligation of confidentiality, in connection with any merger, acquisition, asset sale, financing, or other capital transaction involving the sale of all, or substantially all, of our assets.

USER PRIVACY -- We respect the privacy of our users - please click here to view our privacy policy or contact us for more information - [email protected]