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Thursday, May 22, 2014 - Paige Hareb - Chasing the Dream

It's been a pretty hectic last few months! With three world tour events and three WQS events crammed together (one after the other) in Australasia then straight to Brazil. I'm surprised I'm not feeling a little more worn and weathered.

This year so far the pattern seems to be that the waves are pumping either just before the event, or just after the waiting period, I'm definitely not a fan of Murphy's law.

Snapper rocks had some of the best waves I've seen there in a long time, it pumped from Snapper down past Green Mount for three consecutive days after the event, those three days were still within the waiting period, I'm not sure why someone didn't pipe up and put the contest on hold until then.

Next was Margaret River where the men and women surfers experienced a mixture of conditions.

Unfortunately the women were unlucky and didn't get the best quality waves during the event. The men tried and held their nerve, it was cool to see a few heats for the first time ever over at the barreling box.

Above: With legend Kelly Slater

Ring-a-ding-ding the famous Bells beach. Men and women had some good waves but with plenty of time they definitely didn't force the issue of sending us out in changing tides and tricky conditions.

Coco Ho and I were in one of the 'unlucky' heats where we had to sit in between the two breaks of the bowl and Rincon. I'm definitely not a fan of tricky and shifty conditions, but it is fair, as it's the same for all surfers in the heat.
It's just a bummer when fans want to see good waves and surfing and we can't provide that.

Sometimes I think some contest directors just get too anxious and want the event over and done with. Some surfers get too competitive and do the whole 'yeah I'll surf that 2ft slop, I can surf it better than you' and ruin it for everyone, spectators included! Other surfers have had a few heats that day and get on a roll and have the mindset of 'let's get this done and go home'.
I probably should show you the photo that rookie Dimity Stoyle got the next few days after the slow men's final at Winkipop. I'll let you decide for yourself whether we should of waited or not.

Above: Dimity Stoyles photo / Bells fires post-comp

Then there's Brazil, I think after years of going there, the surfers are finally accepting that we have to be ready to expect anything. I try to expect the worst, so I don't get disappointed.
The good thing is the local fans go crazy, they love it no matter what, so it's pretty cool just to experience that. One contest like that is ok!

Next up, Fiji! Marking the halfway point of the Samsung Galaxy ASP Women's World Tour. It's a new event that I'm so surprised doesn't have a major sponsor. If I had money I'd sponsor it, I think it's going to be one of the most exciting and most viewed events  of the year.

All the women are really excited to go (with a few nerves and anxiousness.)
With a waiting period solely for the Women, my fingers are crossed for perfect barreling waves. Include that with coconuts, fresh fruit, warm water and fun times, what more could you want?

Bula Bula
Paige x

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