Backdoor BayBash Bookends Calendar Year of Surfing

Friday, October 28, 2016

This weekend’s Backdoor BayBash being in the Hawkes Bay bookends the calendar year of national surfing events.

The combined New Zealand Pro Series and Grom Series event being held at Waimarama Beach on Saturday and Sunday (29 – 30 October) has secured 100 entries across seven divisions.  Entrants include a number of New Zealand representative surfers who are back from competing overseas.

The Open Men’s Division will see three New Zealand Team members take part with Matt Hewitt (Mnt) going in to the event as the number one seed.  Hewitt is joined by team mates Taylor Hutchison (Rag) and Zen Wallis (Piha).  The three surfers represented New Zealand at the ISA World Surfing Games held in Costa Rica in August and are also all ranked in the top ten of the ratings.

Fellow New Zealand dual representative Raiha Ensor (Mnt) will spearhead the Open Women’s Division and she will be joined by Junior Surfing Team representative Britt Kindred (Muriwai) in the Under 20 Girls Division.

Likewise Jonas Tawharu (Mnt), Lee Ririnui (Mnt) and Jared Gebert (Ohope) are all back from the World Junior Championships held in the Azores Islands and will compete for one last time this year.

Five of the seven divisions being contested see the ratings battle already decided after dominant performances earlier in the year.

Maz Quinn (Gis) has secured his fourth straight series win.  Quinn won the Rip Curl Pro at Raglan earlier in the year along with the Go Pro Canterbury Champs and a third at the Billabong National Championships held in Dunedin at the start of the year.

Ella Williams (WGM) has already claimed the title in the Open Women’s Division after winning her first national title to start her year and then going on to win the Rip Curl Pro held in April.

In the junior divisions, Taylor Hutchison has an unsurmountable lead in the Under 20 Boys Division likewise Jonas Tawharu (Mnt) has been too strong in the Under 17 Boys Division.  

In the girls junior divisions, Elin Tawharu (Mnt) has already put her name on the title for the Under 17 Girls Division while Georgia Wederell (Mnt) has easily claimed the Under 14 Girls Division which is not being contested at this weekend’s event.

The two titles that are up for grabs are the Under 20 Girls Division and the Under 14 Boys Division.

The Under 20 Girls Division sees a head-to-head battle for the title between Auckland surfers Britt Kindred of Muriwai who currently leads the ratings and second placed surfer Claudia Fraser of Piha who is close behind in second.  A first or second place finish by Kindred will see her retain the number one ranking for the year but anything third or lower brings Fraser in to the picture should she be capable of winning the event.

A true battle will take place in the Under 14 Boys Division where three groms will vie for the title.  Thomas Robinson (Whangarei) has a decent lead but the only way he can keep destiny in his own hands is by winning the event.  Should Ruben Peyroux (Dun) or Taylor O’Leary (Mur) go on to win the event and have other results go their way, the two surfers could tip Robinson out of the title position.

Action will take place from 8:00am – 5:00pm daily on Saturday and Sunday with a call on the event venue made first thing each morning.  There is a significant south swell building through Sunday which will be accompanied by strong southerly winds.  The primary venue is Waimarama Beach.  However if the surf is big enough, the righthand point break at Te Awanga could come in to play on Sunday.

The Backdoor BayBash is an extension of the successful Backdoor GromBash event that has been held at Raglan for the past three years.  This is the third time the event has been held in the Hawkes Bay. 

See below for top nationally ranked surfers in each of the divisions being contested.

Open Men’s Division 
1, Maz Quinn (Gis)
2, JC Susan (Dun)
3, Billy Stairmand (Rag)
4, Matt-Lewis Hewitt (Mnt)
5, Daniel Farr (Tara)
6, Harrison Whiteside (ChCh)
7, Sam Sands (Chch)
8, Taylor Hutchison (Rag)
9, Zen Wallis (Piha)
10, Jack Wilson (Chch)

Open Women’s Division
1, Ella Williams (Whmata)
2, Britt Kindred (Mur)
3, Elin Tawharu (Mnt)
4, Raiha Ensor (Mnt)
5, Kea Smith (Mnt)
6, Billie Scott (Whangarei)
7, Zhana Hutchieson (Tara)
8, Tiana-Breeze de Mooij (Mnt)
9, Marguerite Vujich (Napier)
10, Georgia Wederell (Chch)

Under 20 Boys Division
1, Taylor Hutchison (Rag)
2, Callum Chuter (Tau)
3, Harrison Whiteside (ChCh)
4, Andrew Fraser - MacKenzie (Tau)
5, Jack Wilson (Chch)

Under 17 Boys Division
1, Jonas Tawharu (Mnt)
2, Elliott Brown (Dun)
3, Jared Gebert (Ohope)
3, Dylan Preston (Whmata)
5, Lee Ririnui (Mnt)

Under 14 Boys Division
1, Tom Robinson (Whngrei)
2, Myka Black (Chch)
3, Ruben Peyroux (Dun)
4, Maddy Barclay (Oamaru)
5, Taylor O'Leary (Mur)

Under 20 Girls Division
1, Britt Kindred (Muri)
2, Claudia Fraser (Auck)
3, Gabriella Sansom (Auck)
4, Bianca Sansom (Auck)
5, Indica Ratima (Rag)

Under 17 Girls Division
1, Elin Tawharu (Mnt)
2, Raiha Ensor (Mnt)
3, Tiana - Breeze de Mooj (Mnt)
4, Maaia Reid - Bennett (Mnt)
5, Billie Scott (Whangarei)