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Early Season Maldives Recap:
Words by Ben Horvath
Photos supplied by The Perfect Wave
As per in Sumatra when operators get plenty of fun, clean small to mid sized surf to themselves during the off season, this past southern hemi summer Brian James co director of The Perfect Wave Maldives division spent the off season renovating his beloved Cokes Surf Camp and discovered many Nth Male Atoll breaks had fun empties too.
Brian said, “Many of my team stayed put at Cokes throughout the off season through November, December, January and February and we scored some classic Cokes and Chickens sessions with no wind, no one out in the 3-4ft range. It was a real eye opener.”
“In March, and so far through early April, early season has been great up here at Cokes.
We have enjoyed consistent head high and plus waves through March and the winds have barely gotten over 4 or 5 knots.
Smooth, glassy head high waves have been in abundance down south where most of our early season safari boats have been operating and Kandooma has had a couple of fun 3-4ft early season swells from the SE too.”
I will let the photos do most of the talking, but just briefly our season opening safari on board Naera between March 5 to 16, our seasoned surf guide Martey ensured the crew scored epic waves all to themselves down south. The highlight session being empty 4-6ft Beacons with 4-6ft SSE swell and light 2-5 knots NNE winds.

Above: Chickens - Photo: Nathu c/o The Perfect Wave

After surfing crowded waves back home in Australia our guests were stoked to have perfect fun waves just to themselves.
There was something for everyone from mellow, fun longboard waves to high performance.

The first 4 days we scored some nice spots like Five Islands, Tiger Stripes, Blue Bowls and many more.
As the swell tapered off at the end of the week this didn’t stop the group from having fun.
Every day someone had some new ideas and things to do, diving in the most crystal clear water on earth or climbing the anchor, jumping from the rooftop of the boat, feeding sharks, exploring islands with the drone and just having a ball and a good laugh every single day.

Above: A fun, glassy set up just past Kandooma. - Photo: Nathu c/o The Perfect Wave

When the sun went down everyone would sit together having an incredible dinner and recap the day’s events. Having a good talk, wondering and getting ready for the new day, new adventure.

On the very last night our amazing crew organised a bbq on that one little island in the middle of the ocean.. with candles, bonfire and fresh caught grilled fish.

Stars were shooting and I had just one question in my mind…
When can I go again?
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