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February 2011 Surf Review

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 -

wainui beach
Wainui Beach - February goodness. Photo: BLAIR /
February - you don't need us to tell you that it pretty much pumped from start to finish. This was a result of the continuing La Nina weather pattern that brought offshores to the West and swell to the east - unlike some previous La Nina patterns though, we weren't hammered by continual onshores for the East Coast. There were enough windless days to produce some real quality, with most regions enjoying at least a few epic days.

The Tropical Cyclones made the difference for Northland, Coro, BOP and Gissy, with TC Atu in particular hanging in there for days on end and pushing swell into most spots on the east coast of NZ. As always, one region receives an unfair share of the spoils and this month Gissy takes the crown. There were reasonable waves for 15 of the 28 days in February, with an average rating of 4.4. Many other spots were not far behind however, with the BOP close to taking out the #1 spot with an average of 4.3. The east coast was not alone in the quality stakes, with Taranaki taking third position with a rating of 4.2:

surf rating

In terms of epic days, it was Coro/BOP dominating with 5 epic days each. Third equal was shared by Northland and Auckland's West Coast with 4 epic days each:

epic surf in february

Almost every spot enjoyed far greater consistency than the previous few months, with some massive jumps in the number of reasonable surf days experienced. Only one region out of the 10 that we actively monitor received less than 9 days of reasonable waves, with the majority in the 9-12 range:

reasonable surf

Overall, the average rating for the country was 3.7 - our highest since we started recording the monthly data over 12 months ago. March is typically a much better surf month for many NZ surf regions, so let's hope Gissy continues it's good form and pumps for the O'Neill Cold Water Classic that kicks off on March 23rd!